Who Is Michael Lonneke W4AAW (ex W0YR) ???




Just to be blunt and not mince words, Michael Lonneke (W4AAW) has a habit of using his very well equipped station to "bully" (for the lack of a better word) smaller stations by knowingly taking over the frequency being used by others for either casual DX or during a contest. Not only does he do this, he will then find some sense of amusement and make quite the sport of the person that he has commandeered the frequency from. He gets quite a laugh from this type of behavior. 

When he first did this to me on a frequency that I had already been established on for quite some time calling CQ DX and then subsequently working a semi respectable pileup, he came in with his beams, high power and commenced to start returning calls to the very stations that were returning calls to my CQ DX...

I would have, under other circumstances just expressed my displeasure with his LID behavior and moved on down the dial to make more contacts, however it was Michael Lonneke's seemingly sadistic sense of humor that caused me to take steps that he would have never thought would happen. I set out to register all domain names that might reflect his "pride and joy" -  The Multi-Multi Remote Contesting Group (Team W4AAW) as well as his call sign to boot. 2c88ae1eb8d356f9ea1f49405f9d1568.JPG

Call me what you want. Think of me how you wish. However know this; each and every action has consequences and sometimes they are undesirable in nature. Michael Lonneke may have had a good laugh that day (and yes he was laughing with other contacts about how he commandeered the frequency), but I think in the grand scheme of things I may have got the last laugh!





The Original Unsolicited Email He Sent Me 12/29/2015  


  harlene and Mike summer 2011









Kinda getting old there Mikey.



And my eventual response


email me








Oh, but there is more with Michael Lonneke .....



Great Examples Of W4AAW (ex W0YR) LID Behavior And This Web Page As Well

Give Him A Call ......

Mike Lonneke

...  And Tell Him What You Think


The Videos Below Were Not Made By Me - These Are Other Amateur Operators Experiences With Michael Lonneke



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