Previously I had created a couple of antenna models using the 4NEC2 software however as I slowly continue to learn how to navigate the software and accurately model an antenna I found that my first model was way off, and that would include my assesment of the triangle loop at 1100 feet. Below I have included what I beleive to be much closer to accurate models of my 160m doublet which is 240 feet long and the apex is at or about 75 feet high and fed with 150' of 600 ohm ladder line into the shack and into a Palstar AT2K T-match network with a built in balanced line 4:1 balun.

After creating this current model I tend to believe that it more closely resembles the radiation characteristics that the antenna exhibits through my use and station reports from many different locations. Eventually as I become more familliar with the software I will reintroduce the model for the triangle loop since based on information available in an article on horizontal loops located HERE it would seem that my original model was far from accurate on angle of radiation as well as pattern.


Raw Data For Below Antenna


My current doublet @ 1.85 Mhz 


160m Current  160m Radiation  160m Pattern 


My current doublet @ 3.910 Mhz


75m Current  75m Radiation  75m Pattern 


My current doublet @ 7.200 Mhz


40m Current  40m Radiation  40m Pattern 


The following is my attempt to overlay the pattern on my property using Google Earth and the radiation pattern on 160 meters. Somewhat crude but might tend to give an idea to other stations as to my signal strength vs radiation pattern.

Land Close Final Land Far Final


*** note that the red is the highest levels of gain, followed by the orange(ish) and then the nulls (or lower gain) being in dark blue ****


If you have any advice or would like to offer corrections to my models then please comment and possibly the beginners like me with this EZNEC software can gain some passed on knowledge. 




Copy and paste the data below the line into: Settings > Notepad Edit within the 4NEC2 antenna model software to have this antenna model to manipulate and experiment with.

SY height=75
SY freq=1.85
GW 1 25 0 0 height 120 0 12 #14
GW 2 25 0 0 height -120 0 12 #14
GS 0 0 0.3048
GE 1
GN 2 0 0 0 13 0.004
EX 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0
EX 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 0
FR 0 0 0 0 freq 0
RP 0 181 1 1000 90 0 -1 1





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