Tree Measure




How To Calculate The Height Of A Tree Or Some Other Antenna Support Candidate

from Feburary 2014 QST magazine by Richard Fisher (KI6SN)


But How Do I Calculate Tree Height? Length is one challenge. Height, another. Here are four easy steps to calculate the height of any distant object.

• Find a stick that is equal in length to the distance from your cheekbone to your fingertips when your arm is fully extended in front of your face. Breaking a branch to proper length will work just fine. This isn’t rocket science.

• Hold the stick vertical by the tips of your thumb and index finger and put it in front of you with your arm fully extended and parallel to the ground.

• Walk toward or away from the tree until the top of the stick is visually lined up with the top of the tree and the bottom of the stick is lined up with the bottom of the tree. Visually, think of the stick eclipsing the tree — like the Moon covers the Sun in a solar eclipse.

• The distance from where you are standing to the base of the tree is equal to the height of the tree. Use a measuring tape if there’s one handy. If not, measure the approximate distance between your steps as you walk naturally. Count the number of steps you take to the base of the tree and multiply it by the number of feet and inches each of your steps cover.

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