I have been thinking about my perceived duty to expose those that have a total disregard for other amateur radio operators in their operating practices as well as those that choose to go through life as "grifters" and with every and any opportunity, lie or mislead to get something of value from another. The problem with this is that as I continue to hold a grudge or harbor ill feelings towards those described, I am bringing myself down in the process. 

I have left amateur radio hobby on a couple of occasions in disgust with the amount of money that I have put into purchasing the gear as well as the time spent making my antennas as efficient as possible while staying within my budget only to spin the dial and hear the fools and out of control operators that constantly curse (using the really bad words, etc... ), intentionally jamming communications, or otherwise trying their best to make this hobby miserable to others as it must be to them. 

I am not alone in feeling this way toward the hobby and recently I have had discussions with other hams that also are appalled by the fortunes spent only to have this hobby turn into nothing more than a truck stop during the evening hours when the worst of the worst create havoc on the C.B. radio. I ask myself often if this is going to be just another out of control band like that of 11 meters, without enforcement or fear of being penalized for behavior that is either illegal or otherwise contrary to proper radio communication etiquette. 

Starting today the writing and exposure of the negative aspect of this hobby are coming down from this website and I will focus only on the good that makes this hobby fun. It will be hard to toe the line and keep from making my observations of the dark side available to all but it is something I just have to try to do. I do not like the animosity created by the negative exposure and the conflicts and arguments (fights) that arise so I do this now with preservation of my sanity being the priority over my lack of concern for the insanity of others. 




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