Scoring Breakdown

I was hoping to do much better in this contest than I did. I was caught off guard a bit by the sheer amount of participants and the over crowding of certain bands such as 20 meters. There was simply no room to work at various times during the day and even when you would find a small clear spot to make a run there always seemed to be someone park a half a kilocycle away and basically destroy your reception of the lighter stations. 

On a positive note I did work 108 different countries and even a few of those were ones I have not worked or confirmed yet so if I receive a confirmation then that will be a pleasant surprise. As I looked at some of the top scorers I was amazed at how tey could work so many countries (300 +) and in half the time I took to get my measly 246 Q's.

 I received some after action advice from Kevan, N4XL, as to what I could learn from the contest to carry with me in the next. Much of the advice was new and refreshing and some of the points he had made I had pondered on my own and determined I would address those areas. One thing is for sure - I have no choice but to get myself a beverage antenna out in the woods at about 800' to 1,000' in length which should improve on my wasted time listening for the perfect opportunity to eventually work the weaker stations as well as those on 160 meters that were coming back to my calls but I was without luck ciphering the contents of the transmission. Another lesson learned and another project to improve the modest station.


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